Custom-made orthopaedic insoles by “Orthopädieschuhtechnik Tim Janske” are made of high-quality materials and are individually fitted to the patient. The insoles are directly prepared in our own factory according to your symptoms and shoe preferences.

No matter if sneaker, business, sandal, sports shoe we create your insole for your desired shoe.

As an orthopaedic shoemaker, we have the ideal solution to support you in everyday life, at work or during sports and to provide you with the highest level of comfort.

You can reduce minor discomfort or prevent any change with a custom-made insole.

Your custom-made insoles bring back your life quality and helps you to enjoy your everyday life.

everyday life

Individual sports insoles

Sensorimotor insoles

We are one of the leading companies in the production of high-end orthopaedic insoles. Young and innovative, we are constantly developing our insole range further and always use the best materials in terms of absorption, stability and durability.

Our goal is the perfect insole. From the compulsory health insurance model to the high-end products, we offer you a wide range of possible insoles to produce them according to your measurements, your shoes and your needs. No matter what kind of sport you practice or what stresses you are exposed to in everyday life – extraordinary demands are placed on your body. Healthy feet and an optimal sequence of movements are important requirements.

Your advantages and benefits with Tim Jankse:

  • free foot check
  • insoles
  • made-to-measure shoes
  • Flip-flops made to measure
  • diabetic care
  • Insole production for pain patients