Gait analysis & foot check

Walk analysis / internal pressure analysis

The internal pressure measuring system determines the pressure distribution while walking in your shoe.
By analyzing several steps, it is possible to identify valuable pressure shifts and changes in the position of the foot and leg. These are meaningful for the evaluation of the gait. The evaluation of the gait parameters allows conclusions to be drawn if complaints occur while walking or running or if injuries are present.

After the analysis, we will review the evaluation with you and explain the actions that we will incorporate into your sports care on the basis of the analysis.

Pain patients
Many people have the most varied complaints from which they suffer. Often it is not possible for you to describe the course of pain or the cause yourself. This analysis will help you and us to create your individual insoles with the data you have obtained.

Analysis in sport
Running analysis of long-distance runners on the treadmill or outside:
How to unroll, where do pressure peaks occur ?
Findings on step sequence, rolling behaviour, load zones, posture of protection

Individual advice and decision by our technicians

Every customer has individual discomforts that need to be recognised and cured. Master orthopaedic shoe technician Tim Janske and his team use the most modern computer technology for foot and leg analysis. The modern measuring methods provide the basis for the production of individually customized insoles, compression hosiery or custom-made shoes – we will be happy to help you.