Diabetic care

The latest technology helps to prevent pressure points and nerve damage in the treatment of diabetics. To ensure that customers, who live even far away, can use the expertise and individual consultation service of the Janske-team, a number of support stations have been set up with cooperation partners.

The right shoe for diabetics has an important protective function:

It can help to prevent injuries (never walk barefoot!). Many diabetic patients develop a nervous disorder (polyneuropathy) as a result of the increased sugar, which means that the patient no longer has the necessary sensitivity under his feet to feel pain and injuries.

This is very dangerous for the diabetic, because an injury of the foot leads to an extremely difficult healing wound, the diabetic foot syndrome – which can lead to amputation or partial amputation of the foot.

In order to prevent this, the diabetic shoe must be very precisely adjusted and have special characteristics: 
Sufficiently – long, high and wide / Made of soft leather / Has no thick seams or other irregularities / Has shoelaces or Velcro fasteners / Has a shock-absorbing footbed / Has flat heels

For the diabetic shoe to be optimally adapted to your foot, we offer a computer foot check:
You stand on a scanner which the computer uses to analyse the foot pressure under every square millimeter of your foot. This allows us to immediately produce three-dimensional images of the incorrect positioning of your foot.

In order to check and, if necessary, optimise the treatment, we offer a check-up appointment after approximately two to three weeks.

Individual advice and decision by our technicians